The Traitors stars want Derren Brown to be in a celeb special

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As the UK fell in love with new reality TV show The Traitors last winter, there was only one question on the nation's lips: 'when will we get a celebrity special?' Plenty of similar shows have delivered successful celeb spin-offs in the past, from Big Brother to Channel 4's Hunted, so it seems only right that we get one for The Traitors too.

We did of course get a tease for one in the form of a Comic Relief sketch, which saw host Claudia Winkleman be joined at the Round Table by the likes of Ewan McGregor, Dawn French, Stephen Merchant, and Allison Hammond. However, an actual celeb special is yet to be officially announced despite various rumours and comments from cast/crew.

It is something many of us want to see though, including the stars of the last season. Speaking to GamesRadar+ on the red carpet at the recent BAFTAs ceremony, both Wilfred Webster and Amanda Lovett showed enthusiasm for the idea, also revealing that they have thoughts on who should be part of the celebrity cast. Whilst Lovett said that Catherine Tate should join but in character as Nan (from the TV specials and recent movie), Webster shared an altogether different idea: "Derren Brown! Derren Brown in The Traitors would be the best!"

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And he's right - having the beloved hypnotist, mentalist, and illusionist extraordinaire would definitely shake things up at the castle. In fact, Webster admitted that during the filming of the first season he thought that Brown might be involved already: "I was convinced that it was him! When we filmed we didn’t know who the host was going to be. Somebody asked me and I was like ‘it has to be Derren Brown, surely’ but then Claudia walked out who, of course, is the complete opposite, but it wouldn’t have been the same without her." It really wouldn't have but Brown in The Traitors - we need to see it!

Meanwhile as we await any further updates on a celebrity special, casting for the second season of the hit show is currently underway. Earlier this year Winkleman announced the news via social media, encouraging those who think that they will make for a sneaky traitor or a dedicated faithful to apply. 

In the video the hooded host said: "Hi, it's Claud here. Sorry to interrupt, I've got a small question for you and yes, you're right, the cloak might be giving it away. Can you spot a liar? Could you betray those around you? How would you fare at the Round Table? What I'm asking is, would you like to play?"

Production company Studio Lambert will probably have the pick of the bunch given how popular the first season of the show was. And that's not just with audiences as it also recently won Best Reality/Constructed Factual Show and Best Entertainment Performance (for Winkleman) at the BAFTAs. Could a second season do this again? Only time will tell...

The Traitors is available to stream on BBC iPlayer in the UK now. But if reality TV isn't your bag, check out our guide to the most exciting new TV shows coming our way across 2023.

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