The Top 7... Worst Parts of Best Games

Nothing's perfect. Stare closely enough at anything - even a masterpiece - and you're bound to find flaws sooner or later. They might be small. They might be insignificant. They might not detract from the overall quality of the piece at all...

Except when they really, really do. With these seven games, in fact, you don't need to stare. Their flaws are so huge, so obvious, so frustrating and so effing obnoxious that you can't help but notice them, despise them and wonder how the damn things got included in the first place.

Do we usually end up loving these games anyway? Yes. Would we love them a lot more if they lanced these particular features like the foul, cancerous boils they truly are? Oh hell yes.

The best parts: Beloved Disney characters; beloved Final Fantasy characters; successfully merging the two; gorgeous animation; Hollywood-grade voice acting; genuinely heartfelt story.


This selection shouldn't stir up much controversy, as you probably saw it coming from the moment you read the headline.

Everyone hates the Gummi Ship. Everyone. People who try the games for a few hours hate the Gummi Ship. People who worship and adore the entire series hate the Gummi Ship. People who cosplay as Heartless and draw fan art of Sora kissing Riku (yes, they exist) hate the Gummi Ship. People who have never even played Kingdom Hearts hate the Gummi Ship.

Why? Because the Gummi Ship sections are as completely unnecessary as they are completely unavoidable. After just one taste of the mind-numbing and repetitive "Star Fox for Dummies" gameplay, you'll never want to see that blocky jalopy again... but you'll have to, because Kingdom Hearts forces you to travel by Gummi Ship dozens upon dozens of times. Sure, you can customize it, but that's about as appealing an opportunity as designing the stationary for your math homework. Besides, you usually just ended up with junk like this:

Ha. Ha.

Dishonorable mention: No matter how big a fan of Disney and The Little Mermaid you are, we dare you to make it through all five of Kingdom Heart II's Atlantica "musical challenges" without wanting to tear your own ear drums out. The video clip below might be enough to cause irreparable harm:

"Swim along, just join in the song...
A musical for everyone to have a lot of finny fun--" *GUNSHOT*

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