The Top 7... Lamest ninja

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Ninja dress to kill. That means loose fitting outfits, a sack full of weapons, and black - lots of black. But some ninja just don't get that it's impossible to kill in style if you look like a clown. With his brightly colored jumpsuit and blue hair, The Legend of the Mystical Ninja’s Goemon looks about as threatening as a can of orange soda pop.

Ninja are also known for their agility and being light on their feet. And while Goemon can pull off a big bounce when needed, this portly warrior sure could stand to lose a few pounds.


But even the chubby Goemon looks more intimidating than I-Ninja's miniature Mickey Mousey protagonist. Ninja are supposed to strike fear into the hearts of their foes. And while the game's main character- who simply goes by the name "Ninja"- manages to deliver some competent platforming action and gameplay, you'll be hard pressed to find anything fearsome aboutthe collection of spherical shapes that compose the Ninja's cartoony and kid-friendly body.