The Top 7... inanimate objects

It's only been around for a few months, but the Final Smash ball has already rocketed into the hearts and minds of gamers as a "must have" item. All alone, it does nothing but float around the level, teasing you with its unassuming appearance. But the moment it arrives, all four players immediately abandon their kicking, punching and scratching to be the lucky Brawler who breaks the ball - unleashing their deadly Final Smash in the process.

Brawl's one of the most popular games in existence right now, so millions of gamers around the world (sorry, Europe and Australia) are learning firsthand the impossible allure of the Final Smash ball. What an achievement, to only exist for a matter of weeks and become an immortal piece of gaming culture. Bravo!

Full circle: Unlike the Smash ball, Poke Balls have been around for years. And while the standard ball is easily found and not very special, several special balls have become indispensable to avid Poke-hunters.