The Top 7... inanimate objects

Inanimate objects. Wow, we must really be out of ideas, huh? It's true, at first pass this sounds absurd, open to all kinds of interpretation with an infinite number of potential entries, but after careful contemplation (i.e. shouting at one another for hours) we've come up with a list of in-game objects so desirable that every gamer should love 'em - even if all they do is sit there.

For our consideration, the items have to be memorable and not commonplace. They need to invoke an emotional response, be it curiosity, nostalgia or a furious bout of "gimme gimme gimme!" Bomberman's bombs, a katamari and the Triforce are iconic objects, but they pop up a lot and no one bats an eye when they show. The objects that made the cut inspire some kind of feeling, are unique or bizarre, and have carved out a special place in just about every gamer's heart.

Snake's been through some serious stuff. Walking tanks, cyborg assassins and mind-controlling super soldiers have all fallen to his tactical espionage action, but of all his devastating weapons and cutting edge sneaking tech, it's his innocuous cardboard box that we've come to love the most. Sure he looks ridiculous running around with his legs in clear sight, and no we don't understand why a genome soldier would walk past a box that wasn't there five seconds ago and continues to move closer every time he turns around. It's just plain funny, and over the years has become the one Metal Gear item we look forward to in each new game.

There's clearly a lot love for the box, as there are multiple versions across all the games. Even Snake's cameo in Brawl comes complete with box taunt, proving this simple object is as integral to Metal Gear as Solid Snake himself.

Trouser Snake: If the box is MGS' number one item, the distracting porn mag is a close second. All it does is lie there, but it's helped Snake out of several sticky situations. Hur hur hur.

Brett Elston

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