The Top 7... Game expos better than E3

What it has that E3 doesn't

BlizzConisn't a general games convention (as should be made obvious by the name), but Blizzard is such an epic developer that it doesn't really matter. There's a pretty decent chance you've loved at least one Blizzard game, or are anticipating another. Diablo, Warcraft, WoW, Starcraft -just about every game they've put out has become a classic.

Above: Yes, E3 was so boring, we did anentire article on its toilets

The two day show consits of comic book signings,games, contests, tournaments, and panels on Blizzard's latest developments.It's one of the best examples of a postive fan/developer relationship in the games industry. E3 is full of boring numbers and investor junk, but Blizzcon speaks directly to those who love Blizzard's games... and those love those who dress up like characters from Blizzard's games.

When? Where? Can I go?

BlizzCon happens every year at the Anaheim Convention Center, and the next one is just a few days away from thisarticle's publishing, on October 10 - 11. Tickets are $100 each, so it isn't a cheap affair, but if you're a fan, you'll probably want to hear what they have to say about Diablo III andStarcraft II.

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