The Top 7... Game expos better than E3

What it has that E3 doesn't

Whether or not you like the comic,PAXis worth attending. It'sa homegrown, fan-run gaminggeekfest.Huge LAN parties, brilliant concerts - it's about as nerdcore a party as there is. If just the words"Optimus Rhyme"and "The NESkimos" get you excited, you'll probably enjoy PAX.

Above: Crowds of likeminded geeks playing games and having fun... or this guy?

PAX is different from E3 in pretty much every way.It'sa party for gamers, not for big publishers.In fact,the publishers are the outsiders at PAX - they've got towork hard to convince you that they should be there.

When? Where? Can I go?

The last PAX took place Aug 29 - 31 at theSeattle at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center, and cost $30 a day or $60 for all three days. Checkthe official sitefor details on the next gathering.

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer