The Top 7... Game expos better than E3

What it has that E3 doesn't

TheLeipzig Games Convention (GC)is the only significantrival tothe Tokyo Game Show, and dwarfs the nowinvitation-only E3 with over 200,000 visitors and 547 exhibitors.

Above: You get the idea

The Leipzig convention is everything that today's E3 isn't. It's a giant festival of over-the-top gamingindulgence, andit's even bigger than E3 was before it went down the shitter. The attendance is massive, the announcements are huge, and the atmosphere is one of a party, not a stuffy corporate business meeting. Check the video below for proof.

When? Where? Can I go?

The2009 Games Convention is August 19 - 23 at the Leipziger Messe. Tickets for the 2008 show were a reasonable 12.00 Euros per day, so we expect they'll be around that. You can stay in a hotel... or you can pitch a tent and camp out behind the central stadium. Camping and gaming? Brilliant.

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer