The tide turns for BattleStations: Midway

Thursday 11 May 2006
After leaving PS2, Gizmondo and Xbox versions in its wake, BattleStations: Midway has again surfaced as an Xbox 360 and PC-only mixture of strategy and shooting.

After finding the safe harbour of Eidos from the scuttled SCi, BattleStations: Midway has returned to allow you to fight the epic aerial and naval World War II battles from the opening of the war in the Pacific at Pearl Harbour, through the Philippines and into the campaign's turning point at the island of Midway.

Offering you the chance to fight them on the sea, in the sky, under the water and near the beaches, players will be able to take direct control of more than 60 historically accurate US and Japanese warships, planes and submarines, jumping between them as the battle unfolds. You can take your place as a gunner protecting a solo cruiser, as a torpedo bomber diving into a forest of flak or directing whole squadrons of heavy bombers as the commander of an aircraft carrier.

With 11 large-scale campaigns and 12 bonus missions in the solo mode, plus an eight player online battle mode that features 60 Allied and Japanese units, the game could actually last you as long as the war itself.