The Three Stooges gets a new Jackass inspired trailer

We know we shouldn’t keep subjecting you to this, but we just had to share it – yes, it's yet another trailer for slapstick orgy The Three Stooges .

This time the boys have decided to make a Jackass -themed trailer (because Jackass is so of the moment, obviously) in which nearly all of the plot is stripped away in favour of 100 seconds of kicking, slapping and squealing.

Feel like a chuckle? Go elsewhere. For everyone else, here’s the latest trailer…

It’s become fairly clear by now that this is one we should be steering well clear of, and yet there’s something weirdly compulsive about these trailers. A kind of, “can it really be this bad,” sense of wonder.

Whether or not that feeling is still hanging around when the film finally arrives is another matter. We’ll have to wait until The Three Stooges opens on 15 June 2012 to find out.

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