The Super Mario Movie version of Peach is a badass

Super Mario Movie Peach
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A new trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie was released yesterday and in it, we got our first look at the likes of Donkey Kong and Princess Peach. 

The trailer gave us a much better look at Illumination's take on Mario's world but the highlight has got to be the animation studio's take on Princess Peach. Usually found waiting to be rescued at Bowser's castle (that is when she isn't taking part in all the sports matches and party games), Peach looks to be taking a much more active role in the upcoming movie, with several fans going as far as calling her a "badass" in the film. 

From the new footage, it's become pretty clear that Peach will be the brains behind the operation - despite Mario being the face of the movie. This can be seen in various parts of the new trailer including when Peach has to save Mario from a cheep cheep attack and when she rallies the Toad troops to take on Bowser. She also appears to have several outfit changes meaning it's likely that she'll have a take on a lot of roles throughout the course of the film. 

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It's unfair to say that this will be the first time that Peach has taken initiative though. As those who have played Super Mario Odyssey will know (and spoilers if you haven't) at the end of the game, Peach gets sick of Mario and Bowser fighting over her and so takes off on The Odyssey to have her own adventure. Not to mention, she literally has her own game on the Nintendo DS called Super Princess Peach which saw the Mushroom Kingdom royal rescuing Mario and Luigi for a change. 

Peach wasn't the only highlight of the latest Super Mario Movie trailer though. As well as seeing more of Chris Pratt's Mario, as well as Charlie Day's Luigi, we also got our first glimpse of Donkey Kong. Unfortunately for us, Nintendo and Illumination want to keep Seth Rogan's performance as DK under wraps for a little longer so we didn't actually hear any lines from him this time around. 

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