The Super Mario Bros Movie isn't even out yet but I'm already obsessed with the chaotic Luma

The Super Mario Movie Luma
(Image credit: Illumination)

The latest Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer revealed that the Lumas from Super Mario Galaxy are set to make an appearance in the film, and I'm already obsessed with them.

Yesterday Nintendo and Illumination released the final trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie and in it, we got our first glimpse of at least one Luma. Unlike how they appear in Mario Galaxy, this Luma in particular is a little… unhinged? It's not clear whether or not we'll be seeing more of this star-shaped creature or any more of its kind in the film but right now, I can't get enough of this little oddball.

If you haven't seen the scene I'm talking about yet, it happens right at the start of the latest trailer and features Luigi imprisoned by Bowser in his castle. Whilst hanging from a precarious cage, Luigi meets the Penguin King - who was the standout star of a previous trailer - and a very cute-looking Luma who says to the green Mario brother: "Oooh, fresh meat for the grinder!" before going on to say: "There's no escape, your only hope is the sweet release of death…" So yeah, the little fella's pretty chaotic.

It isn't just me that's a fan of this Luma though, several other Twitter users have also shared their love for the little guy, however, most people are now questioning whether this means we'll see the Luma's adoptive mother, Rosalina, who was also introduced to the series in Super Mario Galaxy. 

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There's also been speculation about whether this Luma has been introduced in the movie or if it's supposed to be a specific character from the games. One Twitter user, for example, has theorized that this specific Luma is actually Lumalee from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 who is also a pretty turquoise gradient color and can usually be found holding signs in their hands and demanding star bits to be fed to them.

We won't have to wait long to see more of this little guy as The Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to release on April 5, 2023. Speaking of Mario game nods, The Super Mario Bros Movie website has some seriously deep-cut references to the series.

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