The super-fast weekend gaming news catch-up video: Aug 15, 2011

Hello and a very good Monday to you. Big week this week in gaming as we all get ready for Gamescom, not least Nathan who's going to be over there in the middle of it all. But besides our tangible excitement (or as much as we can muster on a Monday morning), there's news to be discussed, as we bring you up to speed with the happenings of the past weekend. So push Play and let the GamesRadar UK team inform your Monday-addled mind. Although... you probably should read the *cough* 'amendments' before taking any of this as gospel.

Today's news includes:

  • Nintendo fixing a Metroid: Other M glitch through the post (Erm... Amendment 1:Dave glitched out and started reading news from 2010 so it's actually about a year old. Still, the old ones are the best, right?)
  • Doom 4 may not fit on a Blu-Ray disc (Amendment 2: This was, as Justin points out, translated from Turkish... only it was translatedbadly, apparently.The real story is that it might take up multiple DVDs but probably will fit on Blu-Ray. This is going really well.)
  • Borderlands 2 screens leaked (Amendment 3: No, really, the screenshavebeen leaked. Hey, one out of three ain't bad, right?)

15 Aug, 2011