The struggle to buy a PS5 is real, so this eBay Australia competition might be worth it

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The struggle to get a PS5 continues, with Australian retailers selling their rare stock replenishments almost immediately. Even if you're regularly checking the retailers on our PS5 stock updates page, it really all comes down to luck at this stage. 

So entering a competition to win one doesn't seem like as much of a waste of time as it might have a year ago. eBay Plus currently has a pretty good opportunity: It has 24 PS5 prize packs to give away, and in addition to the console itself you're getting a heap of other stuff, with the total value coming in at AU$1,619.

The list of included items includes an extra DualSense controller, a Pulse 3D wireless headset and DualSense charging station, a PS5 HD camera and the official media remote. On top of that you'll also get a 12 month subscription to PS Plus and three games: Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Godfall and Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Of course, you'll have to jump through a few hoops to enter. You'll need to be an eBay Plus subscriber, but that's no biggie: free trials are available and last 30 days. Once you're signed up you need to send an SMS to eBay with the email address you used to sign up (the number is 0480000020). Pretty annoying, but maybe worth it?

Winners will be notified on June 24 via email address. To enter the comp, head over to this page.

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