The Stick Figure Movie Quiz

Tough Love

Two dogs with a bone? Umm, this one’s strictly rated 18…

Answer #16

Yeah, it’s that queasy, greasy moment from Requiem For A Dream . We’re still waking up in a cold sweat over it.

I Heart You

This one looks a bit like an S&M Valentine’s Day celebration. Couldn’t be further from the truth…

Answer #17

Oh right, the tied-up dude has had his heart ripped out during a mean scene from Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom . Wowsers.

Take Cover!

This fella’s been caught in a World War II attack. We think.

Answer #18

Oh, actually he’s just Singing In The Rain . That’s alright, then.

Plain Sailing

This stick figure’s about to take a swim with the fishes...

Answer #19

The Godfather Part 2 retains its emotional power even in stick form. Masterful stuff.

Thanks to Leo Pengilly for his supreme artistry.

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