The Stick Figure Movie Quiz

Stand-Off Central

Hmm, do we really need to give a clue for this one?

Answer #6

Reservoir Dogs , naturally.

Table Manners

Is this wee fella Mini Me? Or something altogether more sinister?

Answer #7

Way more sinister, though arguably just as creepy – these plucky stick figures are re-enacting that famous chest-bursting scene from Alien . Somewhere just out of frame a stick figure Veronica Cartwright has passed out.

Pie In The Sky

What an impressive karate chop! Or is it..?

Answer #8

Nope, just John Travolta throwing some shapes in Saturday Night Fever . Bless him.

Stick Em Up!

There’s more to this stand-off than meets the eye.

Answer #9

“You talkin’ to me?” Taxi Driver in stick form!

Wet, Wet, Wet

With this cross I now pronounce you…

Answer #10

…dead! Holy slasher flicks, Batman, that’s not a cross – it’s Norman Bates offing some nubile thing in Psycho . Cripes.

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