The Steam Halloween Sale is live and the dark horse game of the year is just $4

Vampire Survivors
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2022's Steam Halloween Sale is live with some scary-good deals just in time for the spookiest time of year.

As we bask in the glow of full moons, Jack-o'-lanterns, and radioactive Halloween candy in these last few days of the season of the witch, it's time to cram in as many scary games into our schedules as possible. That's where the Steam Halloween sale comes in, offering steep discounts on a wide range of triple-A horror, spooky indie delights, and multiplayer scarefests. 

Some of the highlights to mention right at the top include the dark horse contender for 2022 game of the year: the genuinely brilliant Vampire Survivors, which is just $4 right now (it's not an expensive game at full price, but a deal's a deal.) Then there's the highly underrated open-world horror-action game Ghostwire: Tokyo, which will soak you in neon-drenched Japanese folklore for the low price of $30, and one of my favorite multiplayer horror games going, Devour, on sale for just $4. 

You can head to Steam to check out the sale in full, but here are some recommendations broken down into three categories: cute and spoopy, hairy and scary, and full-on trauma inducing.

Here are the best deals from 2022's Steam Halloween sale:




Scared yet? Well, one thing spookier than these games is the fact that the sale ends on November 1, so you only have a few days to decide which, if any, you want to snag. That said, if you do miss the sale, you'll have more chances to save when the Steam Autumn sale kicks off on November 22.

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