The Star Trek teaser!

The magical Internets may be pushing their power hamsters faster on their little wheels and we may all soon be downloading movies straight into our eye sockets, but you still can’t quite beat the written word for getting the skinny on a film’s teaser.

Not in sci-fi film land, at least… Yes, we may be only a few days from the online release of the teaser for JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek movie, but some lucky scallywag has already peeped the thing and whacked up a description.

We won’t post any of it here (in case anyone wishes to be completely pure), but we will raise a spoilery discussion point below, so if you don’t want any knowledge, avoid anything below this paragraph or clicking to Hollywood Chicago ’s page.

Okay… Everyone else gone? True fans only? Right… So apparently (and, which dug up the link, originally checked with Paramount and it seems legit) the footage shows the Enterprise being built on Earth. Earth? Really? Have you seen the size of that ship? How is it supposed to get into space? The Enterprise was never intended for Earth atmosphere or landing or… (Sounds of our LA Contributing Editor being dragged off to The William Shatner Home for the Terminally Geeky).

Source: ( Hollywood Chicago )

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