The Spy Who Lusts Lee

Ang Lee struck Oscar gold with the lustful cowboys of Brokeback. So you can hardly hold it against him for combining a spy thriller with a sexual undertone.

He’s announced at Cannes that his next project will be Lust, Caution, a Chinese-language film set against the backdrop of World War Two Shanghai. There are no real plot details available yet, but we do know that the script will be adapted from Eileen Chang’s short story by the screenwriter of Crouching Tiger, Wang Hui-Ling. And you probably won’t be too shocked to learn that regular Lee collaborator James Schamus is on board.

"Ang is going to be making a very exciting film that's unlike anything he's done before," Schamus told the Hollywood Reporter. "Lust, Caution is a uniquely Asian story which, in Ang's hands, will surprise and attract audiences around the world."