The Sims Wii: First shots

Friday 24 November 2006
This first ever batch of images for The Sims Wii gives us a glimpse of the new, cartoon-style look given to the series for its outing on Nintendo's motion-sensitive console, as well as suggesting how you'll be using the Wii-mote to rule your Sims' virtual lives. Hit the images tab for the rest of the shots, or try the movies tab for a short intro clip.

Above: Your characters and their surroundings have a perfect Nintendo style to them

The Sims Wii hasn't been officially announced by publisher EA, and its anime stylings look as if it has been specifically designed for Japanese gamers, so who knows if it'll turn up over here.

But, heck, it looks fun - and the visuals reflect the look of the Mii characters that you can create for use on Wii. Perhaps you'll even be able to play multiplayer? Nothing is certain at the moment but we're on the hunt for choice factoids right now.

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