The Sims fans are already eyeing up Paradox's upcoming sim Life by You

Life by You
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The Sims fans are reacting positively to Paradox's recently announced life sim Life by You.

Yesterday, City Skylines publisher Paradox unveiled Life by You, which appears to be a worthy competitor to The Sims 4. It's probably not a coincidence that the upcoming life sim is already getting a lot of comparisons to EA's simulation series, considering the person heading up Life by You previously worked on The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. 

These comparisons aren't necessarily a bad thing, though, as a look through The Sims subreddit will show, fans of Maxis' sim seem genuinely excited about Life by You. After one user shared the game's announcement trailer in the subreddit, another fan has replied saying: "I love the art style, looks like [The Sims 2] mixed with [The Sims 3] instead of an overly cartoony look like [The Sims 4]."

"I have very high hopes for the gameplay," another fan says, "putting a lot of faith in Rod Humble!", Humble being the previously mentioned The Sims 2 and 3 veteran. Both of these users also shared that they hope Life by You takes more of a mature direction, for example, fans want it to have "raunchier humour", more so than The Sims 4 or fellow upcoming life sim Paralives. 

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We've only got a brief teaser trailer for Life by You, but it has enough to excite life sim fans. There's been a lot of chatter about the fact the game looks to be open world, and will allow players to drive around in cars, and possibly even get public transport - something not currently available in The Sims 4. We can keep our fingers crossed for The Sims 5, aka Project Rene, though!

The good news is that we will learn a lot more about this game as Paradox and Rod Humble are hosting a proper announcement event for Life by You on March 20, 2023, which will be able to stream on the game's YouTube channel.

While we wait to find out more, find out what other life sims should be on your wishlist with our games like The Sims list.

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