The Sims 4 just got customisable staircases, and fans are going crazy over them

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In case Facebook didn't notify you, The Sims 4 recently turned five years old this week, and developer Maxis celebrated the anniversary with a new update for its still-popular life simulation game. 

This is, to be clear, a different update from the recently-released Sims 4 Island living expansion, as it's completely free to any owner of the base game, and introduces a number of smaller hot fixes, content additions, and gameplay tweaks to the core experience itself. 

One such tweak comes in the form of its revised stair system, which now allows players to customise the shape and form of their staircases with an intuitive new building system. That might not seem like a big deal, but for diehard fans, the change is like sweet mana from heaven. 

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Previously till now, building your ideal staircase in the The Sims 4 was extremely finicky at best, and next to impossible at worst, as Maxis' rigid system prevented players from being able to customise the direction of the structure without some serious workarounds. 

That's all changed this week, and fans and streamers around the world are literally being reduced to tears of joy over the change, as seen via YouTuber Lilsimsie's reaction to the update below. 

Given the lauded response, you can bet that Maxis will be bringing its Staircase 2.0 system to The Sims 5... whenever that ends up releasing. Now, if you'll excuse me, i'm off to build the four storey house of my dreams, complete with a Hogwarts-style labyrinth of staircases. 

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