The Sims 4 Island Living expansion adds a tropical paradise with oceans, mermaids, and dolphins

Sims 4 Island Living expansion dlc

The Sims 4 Island Living expansion is out on June 21 and the release will add an island paradise full of beaches, parties, and oceans. Most importantly, it lets you be a mermaid and make friends with dolphins. This is not a drill, people. DOLPHINS AND MERMAIDS. 

The Sims 4 new expansion takes place on the Tahiti-inspired island retreat of Sulani and has a very ‘eternal Tiki party in heaven’ vibe. As well as the usual 'make them happy/sad/kiss/dead' gameplay loop, there’s a conservation element here as you can work to clean up the island - clearing plastic pollution from beaches, for example.

In a new addition to the series, you can also take to the water in canoes, jet skis, or just plain swimming, as well as following lifeguard, fishing, and diving careers. The game also promises all the trappings of an idyllic island lifestyle including snorkeling, pit barbecues, tropical food, and the ability to learn about local folklore and chat with "ancestors from the island."

While the game also promises a host of new tropical clothes and the option to decorate your own oasis and tiki bar, the ‘oh my God what?’ moment here is the ability to become a mermaid. EA isn't giving too much away just yet, only that it’s a fully featured addition with a wealth of different styles including makeup, tails, and so on. They can apparently do a lot more that’s suited to the location and are "in touch with ocean life." It sounds like, for example, that meeting and befriending the new dolphins pets is kind of a mermaid thing. The rest of what this new fishy class can do is, apparently, is "a bit of a mystery." 

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