The Shining's Overlook Hotel is just as scary remade in Dreams

(Image credit: Quorra__ISO/Media Molecule)

The Shining's Overlook Hotel is open for business again, but only in Dreams.

A dedicated creator going by Quorra__ISO recreated key locations from the hotel in Dreams, and you can find it right here if you own Dreams. Even if you don't have Dreams, you can enjoy the video walkthrough below. The impressive architecture of the Overlook Hotel's lounge, Room 237, Gold Room, and snowy hedge maze are all recreated in the level.

Even some of the scares from the 1980 horror classic are recreated here, though I'll avoid going into detail if you'd rather try them out yourself. You may be able to guess what they are just from that list of locations.

While the level takes a minimal approach to environmental design, it does get the essential details in there - especially the most important part of the Overlook Hotel, the carpets. Just looking at the geometric carpeting of the hotel hallways is enough to make you shiver, and then you walk straight onto the motion-sickness inducing flooring of Room 237. Seriously, The Shining would not be the same without those rugs, and I applaud the creator for taking such care to get them right.

If you want to give Dreams a try yourself, you can now download a free demo that includes access to a rotating selection of hand-picked projects as well as a snippet of the story mode. You will need to buy the full version to make stuff yourself, or to play other fine community creations such as:

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