Dreams free trial lets you play some creations and the first part of the story mode

A Dreams demo is hitting PlayStation Store today, giving you 40 winks' worth of free content.

The demo includes access to a "rotating playlist" of Dreams creations, as well as roughly 20 minutes worth of Dreams' story mode, Art's Dream. The trial doesn't include access to the impressive creation tools that lie at the heart of Dreams, but if they gave that away for free then you could just build everything you wanted to play. I mean, it would take a while, but you could still totally do it.

Dreams truly comes to life when you start perusing the community's creations, and though you can't try out the full breadth of other Dreams, you can at least head to the official website and start adding them to your "Play Later" queue.  You can unlock access to everything by purchasing the full game, and that includes carrying over your progress in Art's Dream. 

The Dreams community has been busy ever since the game hit Early Access, and even more so since the full release back in February. We've been chronicling some of our favorite creations that we've seen pop up so far - here's a quick selection you should check out in-person if you decide to unlock the full game:

If all that has inspired you to create, you may be happy to know that the Dreams developers are working on ways to export and sell your creations.

Connor Sheridan

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