Dreams creator remakes The Room's "Oh, hi Mark" scene in painstaking detail

(Image credit: Ambient_Mood)

The most famous scene of the most bad movie has now been recreated in Dreams for your viewing pleasure.

Dreams creator Ambient_Mood shared their version of The Room's famous "Oh, hi Mark" scene and now we can all enjoy its grace. Ambient_Mood synchronized audio pulled directly from the film with the game action, bringing in a custom-made recreation of Tommy Wiseau as well as the rooftop set. I'm a little scared of virtual Tommy, but I'm scared of live-action Tommy too, so that all checks out. 

The Dreams creation painstakingly recreates every detail of the scene including the infamous famous water bottle toss and emotional whiplash of Tommy's dialogue. My favorite touch is the hand-painted skybox in the background, which recreates the film's chroma keyed version of the city of San Francisco.

Tommy Wiseau lived in San Francisco but insisted on filming The Room in Los Angeles, with this particular scene taking place on an outdoor set surrounded by green screens. No one will ever know why he did this, but this new Dreams version of it allows us to appreciate it even more by proxy.

Hopefully the Dreams community will take it upon themselves to recreate the entirety of The Room scene-by-scene in this way (assuming everybody doesn't just want to make the little doggie from the flower shop). While we wait and hope for that to happen, you can also check out this eerily effective Seinfeld horror game made in Dreams.

It might not work for fan remakes, but Media Molecule is working on ways for Dreams creators to export and sell their work outside of the in-game platform.

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