The Rocketeer is getting a sequel - what the what??

If you were a '90s kid, I want you to think back to the movies that dominated your childhood. You're free to have any number of them on your mental list, but one you should definitely have somewhere on there is Disney's The Rocketeer. Did you just get a wave of positive vibes and happy memories? Well, prepare for another wave, because I've got more good news: it's getting a sequel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film - dubbed "The Rocketeers" - will function as both a sequel and a jumping-on point for those who haven't seen the first movie. It takes place six years after the original, with our hero Cliff Secord nowhere to be found. Instead, a female African-American pilot takes up the mantle of The Rocketeer in order to stop a corrupt rocket scientist from turning the tide of the Cold War. The title would suggest multiple people zipping around on jetpacks, but these are all the details THR is reporting for now.

The script will be penned by Max Winkler (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and Matt Spicer (Flower), while Brigham Taylor (The Jungle Book) will produce. The film is still very early in development, so no casting details or directors have been announced - if they've even been scouted at this point.

Still, it's got my attention, and not least of all because it seems to be mirroring events currently unfolding in Marvel's Invincible Iron Man comics (where a black woman is set to take over Tony Stark's role as Iron Man). As long as it keeps the serial pulp tone and incredible soundtrack, I'll be happy.

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