The Reaping trailer arrives online

Good ol’ burger munchin’ Hilary Swank - in between her getting her teeth into some of her serious trademark drama this year, she’s also been filming spooky palm-dampener The Reaping.

With upcoming turns in Brian De Palma’s crime drama The Black Dahlia and Richard LaGravenese’s ‘teacher inspires high school kids’ flick Freedom Writers, Swank was no doubt chuffed to have a gig where her main job is running and screaming.

Nothing wrong with that, especially when you feast your peepers on the crackin’ trailer that’s just cropped up on t'internet.

The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers helmer Stephen Hopkins is at the reins as Hilary takes the role of Katherine Winter, a Christian Missionary who loses her faith after the tragic death of her family. The former lady of the cloth becomes a celebrated expert in disproving religious phenomena but when she ends up in a little town in Louisiana, even Winter can’t discount the scenes unfolding before her.

All they need now is a strange, godless child to spook everyone silly and… oh… there we go…

The Reaping reaches the UK on 12 January 2007.

Click here to watch the trailer.

Source: ( SciFi )

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