The real PES 360

Friday 25 August 2006
Here are the first ever in-game shots from Xbox 360's Pro Evolution Soccer 6, the only 'next-gen' version of the world's best football game you'll be able to play. Until next year, of course. But, while they might not match up to the concept images we all hoped were real - like we found in our hands-on yesterday - the game still looks nicely sharp and glossy.

Hit the images tab to see more shots from the 360 version (due out in October), where you can see the immediately recognisable Nedved performing a bicycle kick, Henry shaping up a shot and even more of Koller leaping like an especially agile salmon, high over the French defence.

Above: It might not be jaw-dropping, but PES6 on Xbox 360 is certainly easy on the eyes

In all honesty, we don't expect you'll have much of a chance to appreciate the limited aesthetic improvements during a closely fought match - and those crowds still look terrible - but with the game's excellent gameplay still intact, we're more than happy to welcome Pro Evolution Soccer's baby steps towards next-gen visual flair.