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The Razer Holiday Gift Guide is packed with deals on gaming headsets, mice, and more

Get a headstart on holiday shopping now with the Razer Holiday Gift Guide
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Razer's winter deals and sales are still going strong, and the new Razer Holiday Gift Guide is the perfect companion for those looking to navigate the stormy waters of buying tech as gifts for players of games and enjoyers of cool hardware. Among a vast array of inspirational choices and suggestions, there are some bonafide deals to be had too. These offer convenient ways to upgrade a bunch of gear at once for your, or someone else's, setup.

The page is crammed full of great gift ideas and inspiration that covers all areas of Razer's quality gaming hardware lineup. From gifts under $50 to their Quartz & Mercury aesthetics, there's bound to be something here for everyone. This really can be your one-stop-shop for inspiration and purchases for the holiday season.

Some important things to note, though. Firstly, this guide and its discounts will run until December 31, 2020. Secondly, you can get free shipping on orders over $49. And for ultimate timeliness, ensure you order by December the 15th to get the items before Christmas Day. 

Anyway, two bundles have caught our attention. Sizeable investments, but ones that will make for a great big upgrade to your peripherals in one fell swoop.

The first can be found in Razer's 'deals under $100' banner, and it's called the Razer Competitive Bundle. It has a Razer Viper mouse - one of the best gaming mice going, with an awesome ergonomic ambidextrous form, super-fast speeds, and responsive buttons - and a Firefly V2 mouse mat. The latter is a hard mat which is great for flinging your Viper across in shooters and in fast, twitchy movements to gain an edge. This has a saving of $30 right now and is down to $99.99.

The other bundle is a larger investment but will inject some of the highest quality Razer gear into your setup in mouse, keyboard, and headset. There's a triumvirate of wireless peripherals on offer that means you can cut the cords for less right now; you can pick up a Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro gaming mouse, a Blackwidow V3 Pro keyboard, and a BlackShark V2 Pro headset in one amazing Ultimate Wireless bundle and save a chunky $60 in the process. (You need to scroll a tiny bit to see this bundle.) 

The DeathAdder V2 Pro is the latest iteration of the famous mouse and has all the hallmarks of its predecessors, refined and honed down into a cordless beast. The BlackWidow V3 Pro is Razer's first wireless gaming keyboard - believe it or not - but retains that awesome BlackWidow quality in its responsive and fast mechanical keys, and the BlackShark V2 Pro is one of the best wireless gaming headsets you can get right now (for PC). Period. If you've been thinking that a big overhaul of your gear would be the best for you and your setup this winter, then this is a great opportunity.

Razer deals

Razer Competitive Bundle (Razer Viper mouse + Razer Firefly V2 mat) | $130

Razer Competitive Bundle (Razer Viper mouse + Razer Firefly V2 mat) | $130 $99.99 at Razer
A great little discount on two quality products here. The Viper is one of the best mice going, and the slick, speedy, and attractively colourful Firefly V2 is one of the finest pads going.

Razer Ultimate Wireless Bundle (BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard + DeathAdder V2 Pro mouse + BlackShark V2 Pro) | $540

Razer Ultimate Wireless Bundle (BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard + DeathAdder V2 Pro mouse + BlackShark V2 Pro) | $540 $479.99 at Razer (scroll down to see deal)
For those looking to make wholesale changes to their PC gaming peripherals and cut the cords completely, this big, premium, quality bundle is chock full of some of the best wireless gear in the world, all in with a neat discount.

If you're a fan of all things Razer, then check out our guides on Razer headsets and Razer keyboards to help continue your research.

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