The Prestige website launches

As the web continues to grow and new technologies for promoting the latest movies spring to life, so the film companies have to come up with ever more complicated sites to drum up the average ‘net user’s interest.

The creators of the site for duelling magicians drama The Prestige are taking the “find the hidden clues” route, though by hidden, we mean that they tell you to look for a symbol, and then force you to go off and look all over the site in search of it. By the time you’ve hunted down each symbol, you’ve visited the entire thing and been exposed to plenty of tempting ads for the movie. Those clever rascals.

Still, at least with The Prestige, the clips you’re rewarded with are worth watching. Though there’s nothing hugely spoiler-laden here, we would warn those wanting to go into the film completely fresh to avoid watching anything, but then it’s unlikely you’d be checking out the website anyway. Everyone else ready for a clip hunt can head to the site here.

And if the clip you’re really after is the whole film, it’ll arrive in cinemas on 10 November.

Source: ( The Prestige Official DVD Site )