The Phantasy channel

Thursday 20 April 2006
Sega has announced Phantasy Star Universe for Xbox 360, a conversion of the long-awaited PS2/PC MMORPG. It's due for release on all three formats this autumn.

PSU is a true follow-up to Phantasy Star Online, Sega's charming and addictive RPG adventure that introduced many a Dreamcast owner to the joys of massively multiplayer questing. PSU offers a more focussed and elaborate single-player campaign than the original, as well as allowing groups of up to six Hunters to get together online and explore a collection of massive planets.

And now Phantasy-starved 360 owners are allowed to join in - although it's not clear if PS2, PC and 360 owners can mingle with one another.

Regardless, it's still excellent news. Xbox 360 is the perfect home for PSU, whose online capabilities outclass all other consoles currently on the market. And you'll get to play it from the comfort of your couch, of course; if you've spent months hunched over World of Warcraft on a PC, then your backside will probably jump for joy.