Dying Light finally gets a new-gen upgrade for Xbox players

Dying Light
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Update: Dying Light now has a new-gen upgrade for all Xbox players over Series X and S consoles.

As was the case with the PS5 upgrade for the original Dying Light, Xbox Series X players have three gameplay modes, including a balanced mode, performance mode, and quality mode. As for the Xbox Series S version of Dying Light, players will be able to choose between two modes: Performance mode for 1080p resolution at 30FPS, or quality mode with quad high definition and 30FPS.

Original: A Dying Light patch brings 60FPS action to Techland's original game on PS5, with an Xbox update coming soon.

Dying Light developer Techland announced that a new-gen patch for the original game had launched on PS5. Now, Dying Light on PS5 has a Performance Mode with 60FPS in full HD, a Balanced Mode with 60FPS and quad high definition, and a Quality Mode boasting 30FPS in 4K resolution.

Right now, this new-gen update for Dying Light is only available for PlayStation players. The tweet above reveals that Xbox Series X and S owners can expect a similar update at a later date, and it's likely that the Xbox Series X will boast the same three performance modes as the PS5 version.

As for the more recent Techland game, the developer's official Twitter account adds that a new update will be arriving for Dying Light 2 soon. In fact, the update for the sequel launched on all platforms just earlier today, bringing with it a litany of bug fixes, remedies for various quest-focused issues, and much more besides.

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