The Next Three Days trailer online

Russell Crowe

Mel Gibson’s down for the count at the moment, so who’s going to be taking over his crown as the bloke who runs around getting revenge in action flicks?

One contender for the position appears to be Russell Crowe, who is starring in Paul Haggis’ new film The Next Three Days , playing the sort of part that Gibbo used to excel at.

The first trailer for the flick has been released online via Yahoo , and it looks like a down and dirty nailbiter that doesn’t pull any punches.

Check it out below...

Clearly the centre piece for the flick is the jailbreak, with Crowe's John Brennan busting his wife (Elizabeth Banks) out of prison, where she’s being held for a vicious crime that she didn’t commit.

Can it keep the tension building without giving in to melodrama (one of the criticisms levelled at Haggis’ Oscar-winning Crash )? Considering the acting weight being thrown around (check out that Liam Neeson cameo), we're hoping for something special.

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