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The next Hitman Elusive Target, The Congressman, is in Sapienza until Sunday

Hitman players have a job to do. The second Elusive Target event is now live, sending "The Congressman" Anthony L. Troutt meandering through Sapienza on a 48-hour fundraising trip for a potential US presidential campaign. He's a bad man and he really shouldn't be president, so what a happy turn of events that someone is paying you to kill him!

You have until 5 am PDT / 1 pm BST to take out Troutt, and the usual rules apply: he won't show up on your minimap or in 47's X-ray vision "Instincts" mode, so you'll have to stake him out the old-fashioned way. If you die during the mission you won't get another chance, but otherwise you can restart until you get the perfect setup.

Apparently just over half of all players who attempted the first Elusive Target succeeded in taking him out (I failed horribly). We'll see if the wide world of assassination fares better or worse in cutting short Troutt's presidential bid. Either way, it should be a good end to your Italian vacation; 47 is off to Marrakesh next week.

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