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The new Doom update lets you kill imps like it’s 1993: classic aiming and photo mode update on the way

Everyone remembers Doom used to aim like this: 

But now Doom aims like this:

Which upset a few fans but don’t worry, there’s a new update due on the 30th of June which gives you the options to shoot like this: 

The natural order is restored. Everyone's happy. It’s called “classic weapon placement” and adds the option to all modes in the game. Also in the new update is a photo mode you can access via the pause menu (where all good photo modes live), so expect to see plenty of artfully framed gory headshots on Twitter by the end of the week. 

As well as that, there’s a few weapon balances for multiplayer, some fixes and some new stuff for Snapmap - you can now turn shootable triggers on and off for example, add sky props and more. Check the blog (opens in new tab) for all the details. 

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Leon Hurley
Leon Hurley

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