The Man review

Falling trousers, cavity searches, uncontrollable flatulence: no one could accuse Les Mayfield’s Midnight Run-wannabe of being highbrow. If only such antics could make his lacklustre farce a bit funnier. Even with such dependable stars as Samuel L Jackson and Eugene Levy on board there’s scarcely a titter to be found.

In Detroit for a sales conference, the last thing Levy’s mild-mannered milquetoast expects is to be caught up in an elaborate sting cooked up by Jackson’s hard-nosed undercover agent. But having been mistaken for ‘The Man’ by a cop-killing arms dealer (Luke ‘Bros’ Goss), he must maintain the pretence to make it home alive... Cosying Eugene’s specky nerd up to Sam’s Dirty Harry Fed might sound like a fun twist on the odd-couple template, but their endless bickering just gets on your nerves.

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