The Loupedeck Live is down to its lowest price, and a bunch of alternatives are on offer too

Loupedeck Live streaming controller
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If you’re a streamer who’s been eyeing up a Loupedeck, you’re in luck, as there’s a bunch of deals floating around right now. Thanks to the Amazon Spring Sale, you’ll be able to grab up to 16% off the entire Live range, including the premium model that caters to professional media editing and content creation.

To browse the various Loupedeck offers included in the Spring Sale, you’ll want to head over to Amazon, as you’ll find the likes of the Loupedeck Live S reduced from $189 to $159.99. If you’re craving even more buttons and dials, you might want to consider the full fat Loupedeck Live, as it’s also down to $229 (was $269). Feeling even fancier, don’t worry, there’s even an excuse to splash out on the premium ‘Creative Tool’ version, with a 13% discount bringing it down from $559 to $489.

That latter console is admittedly pricey, and most players looking for streaming accessories will likely benefit more from the middle Loupedeck Live. However, each version definitely comes with its own set of perks, and you’ll ultimately be able to place every shortcut, quick action, and macro you need at your fingertips. Even if you merely want to make the sad hamster violin music play on command, you’ll be able to fuel your meme desires using this device (we won’t judge you). 

Loupedeck Live S | $189$159.99 at Amazon
Save $30 - Buy it if: 

Loupedeck Live S | $189 $159.99 at Amazon
Save $30 - In line with Amazon's Spring Sale, loupedeck has slashed $30 off its cheapest streaming console. Armed with two dials, a customizable touchscreen, and RGB buttons, it provides everything the budding streamer could need control their setup.

Buy it if: 

✅ You're looking to enhance your streams
✅ You want something to help with content creation
✅ You don't need extra macro buttons

Don't buy it if: 

❌ You'd benefit from even more buttons
❌ You're looking for a more powerful editing tool

Loupedeck Live $269$229 at Amazon
Save $40 - Buy it if: 

Loupedeck Live | $269 $229 at Amazon
Save $40 - Currently sitting at its lowest price, the middle Loupedeck model is now more affordable. It wields extra dials, a larger screen, and a bunch more buttons that should provide more control over streaming apps and content creation programs.

Buy it if: 

✅ You're looking for extra dials and buttons
✅ You're investing in a high end streaming setup
✅ You use plenty of programs and apps

Don't buy it if: 

❌ You don't need that many buttons
❌ You actually need something with more

Loupedeck Creative Tool$559$489 at Amazon
Save $70 -

Loupedeck Creative Tool | $559 $489 at Amazon
Save $70 - The most expensive Loupedeck model naturally leads the charge with the biggest discount, and it could be a worthwhile investment for professional content creators and streamers looking to maximise productivity. 

Buy it if: 

✅ You're a professional content creator/streamer
✅ You want all the buttons and dials
✅ You'd trade physical buttons for screen space

Don't buy it if: 

❌ You'd prefer a bigger display
❌ You only need a few macro buttons

Should you buy a Loupedeck? 

Loupedeck Live S

(Image credit: Future)

Macro pads and similar peripherals may sound a little niche, but in reality, most PC users will be able to put devices like the Loupedeck to good use. Whether you’re looking to streamline your Twitch streams with tactile access to shortcuts and commands, or you’re a professional video/audio editor looking for a customizable console, you’ll end up with something that’ll improve your desktop experience tenfold. 

It’s worth noting that if you shop around, you’re likely to find cheaper alternatives to the Loupedeck, albeit with less features. For example, the Elgato Stream Deck mini provides six customisable buttons with tiny screens for $59.99, while the full 15 key version goes for $147. The caveat is that you’ll miss out on the dials included with the likes of the Loupedeck Live S, and you’d have to upsell yourself to the Stream Deck+ to gain like-for-like features.

In any case, if you’ve been waiting to pick up the Loupedeck Live specifically, you’ll be able to nab it at its lowest price right now. It’s nice to see discounts applied to the whole line-up, but I reckon most players will gain more for the middle ground option.

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