The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon cheats


Wii | Submitted by GamesRadar

Health, XP, Mana, And Upgrades Codes

On the Pause screen

Hold the Z button and press the nunchuck control stick in the following directions

All Elemental Upgrades: Left, up, down, up, right

Infinite Health: Right, right, down, down, left

Infinite Mana: Up, right, up, left, down

Max XP: Up, left, left, down, up

Wii | Submitted by Tanner Evans


While the game is paused, hold Z and use the analog stick to enter these:

Left, up, down, up, right - All Elemental Upgrades

Right, right, down, down, left - Infinite Health

Up, right, up, left, down - Infinite Mana

Up, left, left, down, up - Max XP

PS2 | Submitted by togo


Enter these from the pause menu with the left analogue stick.

Hold L1 + Left, Up, Down, Up, Right - All Upgrade Slots Unlocked

Hold L1 + Right, Right, Down, Down, Left - Infinite Health

Hold R1 + Up, Right, Up, Left, Down - Infinite Mana/Breath

Hold R1 + Up, Left, Left, Down, Up - Max Experience

Xbox 360 | Submitted by Dragon 08

Sweet Cheats

From the Pause Menu; Hold Right Bumper and then with the left stick press UP, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, UP - Maximum XP

From the Pause Menu; Hold Left Bumper and then with the left stick press RIGHT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT - Unlimited Life

From the Pause Menu; Hold Right Bumper and then with the left stick press UP, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN - Unlimited Mana

From the Pause menu; Press and hold the Left Bumper and then with the left stick press LEFT, UP, DOWN, UP, RIGHT - Unlock all Elemental Upgrades

PS3 | Submitted by Jagon


Press and hold L1 while playing and enter the following cheats:

left, up, down, up, right - All Elemental Upgrades

right, right, down, down, left - Unlimited Life


Wii | Submitted by Tyler Swartz :P

Defeat The First Boss

To defeat the first boss, use Cynder's siren scream and blast him with it, and his mask that he is wearing will fall off then you can start hitting him and do some damage.

PS3, Xbox 360, PS2 | Submitted by Darion96

Beating Malefor, The Dark Master

Final level

For this battle, Spyro and Cynder should be wearing the Gold or Dark armor set (I prefer the Dark armor set because the fury breath is almost the only thing that can hurt Malefor). In the 1st fight, fly close to Malefor and use Cynder`s fury breath (accessed by pressing the D-pad in any direction twice) until he makes an angry grunt while being forced backwards. Make sure you dodge his fire. Then he'll charge to the other end of the portal. Continue this tactic until he's beaten. In the 2nd fight, you'll be fighting Malefor while the world is ending. Do the same thing but this time, you'll be dodging ice! Then, press the buttons on the screen. Do the same in the 3rd fight and Malefor is dead!

Xbox 360, PS2 | Submitted by Shanyn :)

How To Defeat Malafor

Final Boss

Part one: Avoid all the fireballs by flying to one side then pressing L1 to dodge them completely. If you don't press L1 they will home you and hit you hard. Then, use Cynder's fear ability to get close to him and shoot not the screams but the little fearballs until he lets out a yell and gives you health gems. If you are ever to run out of mana, melee him after his fireballs and it will give you mana. Repeat until the cutscene.

Part Two: You want to use Spyro's Ice for this. After he shoots out the dark purple balls, go up to him and use your ice twister until he yells and you get health. Repeat same as before if you run out of mana and until it goes to the cutscene.

Part Three: You want to melee the purple shield until your fury bar is full, then use your fury untilyou get his health down to zero and then you have to pressthe buttons to avoid his attacks. At the end of his attacks continously press the button it says and you will hit him hard. That's your last fight of the whole Spyro Trilogy.

My Comments: Watch and listen to the cutscene at the end very carefully and right before you see Spyro sacrifice himself to save the world you will hear Cynder say to him " I love you." I was disappointed to play the whole game and have Spyro AND Ignitus die, I've played all the Spyro games and I really really hope they come out with more :)


PS3, Xbox 360, PS2 | Submitted by Darion96

The Armor's Abilities

If you get a full set of armor for Spyro or Cynder, an ability will be shown on the lower left corner of your TV. Here are the abilities for each set:

Gold Armor: Immune to stun

Silver Armor: Elemental hit

Dark Armor: Fury breath unlocked

Xbox 360 | Submitted by Dragon 08


Air Grappler (5) - Perform 100 Enemy Air Grabs

Armory (15) - Complete all Armor Sets

Army Slayer (20) - Kill 1000 Enemies

Berserker (5) - Launch 20 Fury attacks

Bodyguard (5) - Bring the Artilleryman back to his catapult in less than 5 minutes

Buddy System (50) - Complete the game with at least 90% of the time in 2 Players Mode

Burned Lands crossed (40) - Complete the Burned Lands

Button Smasher (10) - Perform a 300 hit Combo string

Close Warfang Gate (30) - Complete the City of Warfang

Combo Maker (5) - Perform a 70 hit Combo string

Combo Master (5) - Perform a 125 hit Combo string

Complete the game (130) - Complete the game a 100%

Dark Knight (10) - Kill 70 Shadows

Destroy Malefor (30) - Complete Malefor's Lair

Dragon Assassin (40) - Kill Malefor without dying once

Dragon Heart (25) - Find all Health Upgrades

Dragon Mind (25) - Find all XP Crystals

Dragon Spirit (25) - Find all Elemental Upgrades

Elite Destroyer (15) - Kill all Elite Enemies

Elitist (15) - Upgrade one element to Max Level

Enchanted Forest (10) - Complete the Twilight Falls

Entrepreneur (50) - Upgrade all your elements to Max Level

Escaped the Catacombs (20) - Complete the Catacombs

Executioner (10) - Kill 625 Enemies

Flood the Valley (30) - Complete the Dragon Dam

Freed Hunter (30) - Complete the Valley of Avalar

Golem Wrecker (30) - Kill the Golem without dying once

Grappler (5) - Perform 100 Enemy Grabs

Grublin Bane (20) - Kill 450 Grublins

Grublin Slayer (15) - Kill 225 Grublins

Juggler (10) - Throw 200 Enemies into the Air

Killed the Golem (40) - Complete Dragon City Golem

Last Rampart (5) - Close Warfang Gate without dying once

Master of Electricity (5) - Eliminate 75 Enemies with an Electric attack

Master of Fear (5) - Eliminate 75 Enemies with a Fear attack

Master of Fire (5) - Eliminate 75 Enemies with a Fire attack

Master of Ice (5) - Eliminate 75 Enemies with an Ice attack

Master of Poison (5) - Eliminate 75 Enemies with a Poison attack

Master of Wind (5) - Eliminate 75 Enemies with a Wind attack

One Large Step (15) - Complete one Armor Set

Orc Demolisher (20) - Kill 200 Orcs

Orc Slayer (15) - Kill 100 Orcs

Reached Malefor's Lair (20) - Complete the Floating Islands

Savior (5) - Protect all the Cheetah's houses in the village

Stop the Destroyer (30) - Complete the Destroyer

Troll Slayer (10) - Kill 10 Trolls

Unattainable (10) - Dodge all Golem attacks in Chamber of Retribution

Underground City Doors (20) - Complete the Underground Ruins

Unlocked Bonus (40) - Unlocked all Bonus galleries

Wyvern Slayer (5) - Kill 45 Wyverns

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