The latest Resident Evil 3 trailer's all about Jill, including her role in Resistance

(Image credit: Capcom)

The newest Resident Evil 3 trailer puts Jill Valentine in the spotlight: her role in the multiplayer game mode, her commitment to the people of Raccoon City, and her weary indifference to Carlos the flirty mercenary.

The three-minute trailer starts off with a brief announcement that was as easy to see coming as Nemesis stomping down a city street: Jill Valentine is going to be a playable protagonist in Resident Evil: Resistance, the all-new online multiplayer mode bundled in with Resident Evil 3. She's going to be added in as an update sometime after launch, which is probably a good idea. If everybody had to fight over who got to play Jill, a member of S.T.A.R.S., instead of Frightened Youths 1-4, nobody would get anything done.

Then the trailer pivots to single-player, following Jill as she puts her own survival on the line to try and save some of Raccoon City's still-breathing population. The video shows a surprisingly broad swath of the campaign, which is somewhat understandable since most of these story beats are more than 20 years old. Still, if you haven't played the original game and want to go into the plot as unspoiled as possible, you may want to skip watching this trailer.

Resident Evil 3 is still set to hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One next week on April 3, though Capcom is cautioning that the COVID-19 pandemic could contribute to delayed deliveries for folks who were hoping to buy physical versions of the game. However you were planning to get your copy, hopefully you can stay home and start marathoning survival horror as soon as possible.

The Resident Evil series already has several entries on our list of the best zombie games, and I have a feeling another could arrive soon.

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