The Last of Us 2 lets you play pool with bullets as pool cues

The Last of Us 2
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It turns out you can play pool in The Last of Us 2, using bullets in the place of a cue.

Just below, you can see a clip which emerged on The Last of Us subreddit earlier today. In the clip, you can see the player as Ellie discovering a pool table in a bar within the Seattle area of The Last of Us 2. Not only does the table work, but the player discovers that they can actually use the bullets from their pistol to move the balls around the table.

Did you guys know you can play Snooker in TLOUII? from r/thelastofus

Yes, we are also sweating bullets at the waste of ammunition in the video, but presumably this isn't a Grounded run. It turns out The Last of Us 2 actually has physics for the pool balls on the table, and as such, the player is able to shoot them into different holes at the end of the table. They don't actually go down the holes themselves however, but merely sit there in the corner of the table. Hey, it's been 24 years since the apocalypse began, maybe they've got clogged up.

This is actually just the latest in a long line of small discoveries within Naughty Dog's game to be made over the last two weeks by the community. Recently, a player discovered that if you're holding an infected as a meat child and a Clicker grabs you, the Clicker will chomp down on the poor infected, leaving you free to run around their back and stab them for an easy kill.

Shortly thereafter, another player discovered that you can pull off a neat little dodge animation for a quick escape. When you're sprinting away from an enemy, it turns out you can hold circle to slide on the ground. But if you hold down the left trigger to aim your weapon immediately after, Ellie will ready her weapon while still lying on the ground, turning her into something of an action hero.

While there's been plenty of rumors surrounding a potential PS5 patch in the works for Naughty Dog's sequel, nothing has come to fruition as of right now. We'll have to wait and see whether the developer really does plan on giving their sequel a next-gen makeover for the PS5.

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