The Kennedys approve of Bobby

Emilio Estevez is breathing a sigh of relief as the Kennedy family have given its approval to his upcoming semi-biopic Bobby.

The flick deals with events in the Ambassador Hotel in LA, the scene of Robert F Kennedy’s assassination in 1968 and the Senator and former Attorney General’s family are pleased with the outcome. Bobby’s widow, Ethel stated, “Our family is grateful to Emilio Estevez and the extraordinary cast of Bobby for remembering Robert Kennedy's life and his commitment to social justice, peace and equality. Hopefully the film will inspire a new generation to make gentle the life of the world.”

Estevez wrote and directed the film, pulling in a stunning cast of Hollywood’s finest to craft the tale, including William H Macy, Helen Hunt, Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, Elijah Wood and Laurence Fishburne.

Bobby will premiere in the UK at the London Film Festival later this month.