The Irishman runtime is set at 210 minutes, making it one of Netflix’s longest movies ever

The Irishman runtime
(Image credit: Netflix)

The Irishman runtime is set – and I hope you’re sitting comfortably. Not only is the movie Martin Scorsese’s longest – no mean feat when you consider the likes of Wolf of Wall Street and Goodfellas on his directorial resume – but it’s also going to clock in as one of the longest on Netflix, too, when it launches on the platform on November 27.

The New York Film Festival site carries The Irishman runtime: 210 minutes. That’s three-and-a-half hours. No word yet on whether the cast, which includes Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci, were digitally de-aged so they looked the same by the end of filming, however.

There’s apparently not going to be a bathroom break, either. Sources close to IndieWire suggest that the movie will run without an intermission, at least, in theatres – you can pause Netflix whenever you wish.

By comparison, Scorsese’s next-longest movie is Wolf of Wall Street at 180 minutes. Gangs of New York neared the three-hour mark at 168 minutes, while Goodfellas was a relatively lean 145 minutes. It’s also Netflix’s longest Original ever, discounting its background noise-a-thon Slow TV efforts, which features the likes of a super-long journey for over 9 hours. No, I’m not kidding.

The Irishman runtime also continues the trend of mainstream releases refusing to just leave things on the cutting room floor. The It: Chapter 2 runtime is 165 minutes, and who can forget the debate surrounding the Avengers: Endgame runtime? That superhero blockbuster, which now holds the title of being the highest-grossing movie of all time (unadjusted for inflation) was a meaty 183 minutes.

There’s also news regarding The Irishman’s limited theatrical run, plus staggered release dates. Tickets are available from September 8 for the New York Film Festival’s world premiere of The Irishman on September 27. The movie will then close the London Film Festival on October 13, before being released in theatres and cinemas November 1. The Irishman finally lands on Netflix a few weeks later on November 27.

So, plenty of time to get accustomed to the bumper runtime for The Irishman. It’s going to be epic in all senses of the word. Check out the first trailer for The Irishman too, while you’re here. It’s only about 1/60th of the movie, mind you.

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