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The hidden secrets of Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Johto is your starting area, which will take quite a few hours to complete, at which point you’ll unlock Kanto, a whole other area. Johto and Kanto combined make for a massive overworld, so it’s very easy to miss things. Here’s a rundown of what you should keep an eye out for on your journey…

Check back tomorrow for our Gym and Boss Battle Guide. Goherefor our Starting Strategy Guide.

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1) Cherrygrove

Item! Be sure to visit the first house as you head north – here you’ll get the Apricorn Box.
Item! After you get the Red Scale, go to Mr. Pokemon’s house north of Cherrygrove to get the Exp Share.

2) Violet City

Pokemon! In a house in the southwest of the city is a guy who’ll swap his Onyx for a Bellsprout.

3) Dark Cave

Item! The black flute can be found here. Surf over the water near the smashable rocks to find it.

4) Ruins of Alph

Items! The four chambers of the Ruins hide secret doors leading to four items.
Chamber 1: The northern most Ruin. Use an Escape Rope at the inscription to open the door.
Chamber 2: In the ruin to the south across the lake – use Flash to open the chamber.
Chamber 3: Accessed from Union Cave by moving a boulder. The door will open if you have a Water Stone in your bag.
Chamber 4: Accessed from Union Cave, west of Chamber 3. Have Ho-Oh in your party to open the door here.

5) Union Cave

Pokemon! You can get a wild Lapras on the bottom floor of Union Cave, but only on Fridays. You’ll need Surf to find it.

6) Azalea Town

Item! To get the fire-enhancing Charcoal for free, return the missing Farfech’d in Ilex forest and head back to the trainer’s house in Azalea.
Item! Once you have Surf and Strength, go to Slowpoke Well. A man down the bottom will give you a King’s Rock.
Move! There’s a move tutor in Ilex forest who’ll teach Headbutt for free.

7) Goldenrod City

Item! Head to Miracle Cycles in the eastern district of Goldenrod for a free bike.
Item! Go to the Radio Tower and answer the right-most receptionist’s questions with the following answers – Yes, Yes, No, Yes, No. You’ll receive the Radio Card for your PokeGear.
Pokemon! To get an Eevee, first head to Ecruteak Pokemon Center to trigger a scene with Bill. Then head back to Goldenrod and enter the house with the yellow roof near Game Corner to claim your Eevee.
Pokemon! A guy on the west side of the fifth floor of the department store will trade a Drowzee for a Machop. It’s holding a Macho Brace as an added bonus.

8) Pokeathlon Dome

Item! To the left of the stadium there’s a machine with three tubes. Try to use it and the chap nearby will give you the Apricorn Shaker.
Item! Earn points at the Pokeathlon to buy Evolution Stones. You can only buy one kind on each day.
Monday: Moon Stone
Tuesday: Fire Stone
Wednesday: Water Stone
Thursday: Thunderstone
Friday: Metal Coat
Saturday: Leaf Stone
Sunday: King’s Rock

9) National Park

Item! You can get Quick Claw from the lady sitting next to the Persian – this item will give your Pokemon a higher chance of going first.
Item! Win the bug-catching contest to get the Sun Stone. The competition is judged on level and rarity.
Pokemon! West of the National Park along Route 36 is your one and only chance to get Sudowoodo.

10) Ecruteak City

Pokemon! Ho-Oh can be caught at Tin Tower. SoulSilver players need the Rainbow Wing from the old man in Pewter City near the PokeMart.
Item! You can get the Dowsing MCHN for your PokeGear from the house between the Gym and the Pokemon Center.

11) Olivine City

Pokemon! In a house north of the Pokemart, you’ll find a man who’ll trade a Voltorb for a Krabby.
Pokemon! Rematch Jasmine in Saffron and she’ll phone you for a trade. You can swap any Pokemon for her Steelix and Soothe Bell.
MOVE! In a house west of Olivine, you’ll find three men who’ll teach your Pokemon a variety of moves in exchange for battle points.

12) Cianwood City

Pokemon! In a house on the far west of the town is man who’ll give you a, er… Shuckle. “Great”.
Item! Head west from Cianwood, over the bridge towards the Cliff Cave. Surf the waterfalls near here to find the White Flute.

13) Mt. Mortar

Item! You can get a Dragon Scale here. You’ll need to use Surf on the water near the Escape Rope.

14) Mahogany Town

Item! Find the man blocking route 44 and answer yes. He’ll give you a Rage Candy Bar.

15) Lake of Rage

Pokemon! A must! Head to the centre of the lake to find a powerful red, shiny Gyarados.
Item! There’s a Red Flute to the west. You’ll need Surf to get it.

16) Whirl Islands

Pokemon! The home of the legendary Lugia. You SoulSilver players will need the Silver Wing from the old man in Pewter City. You’ll also need Surf and the Wave or Clear Bell from the Kimono Girls in Ecruteak City.

17) Blackthorn City

MOVE! There are three important people here. There’s the move Relearner, who will let you forget HM moves, while the Beam tutor will teach your starter Pokemon some very powerful moves. There’s also a woman who’ll teach Dragon Pokemon Draco Meteor here, just as long as your Pokemon are happy, that is.
Pokemon! In a house in east Blackthorn a girl will swap her Dodrio and Smoke Ball for a female Dragonair. Good luck finding one of those, though…

18) Dragon’s Den

Item! The Dragon Fang can be found here – essential as it powers up your Dragon-types moves by 20%.

19) Mt. Silver

Pokemon! You can get Moltres here as long as you have the Earth Badge, Surf, Waterfall and Rockclimb. Head left and up the waterfall from the entrance.

20) Pallet Town

Pokemon! Oak will let you choose one of the original starter Pokemon as long as you won the epic encounter at the end of Mt Silver!

21) Viridian Forest

Item! You can find the Blue Flute near some steps not far into the forest.

22) Pewter City

Pokemon! In the Pokemon Center a man will trade his Xatu and Wacan Berry for your Haunter.

23) Celadon City

Item! To get the GB Player for your PokeGear (it’ll play old Pokemon tunes) first get HM08 Rock Climb and then head to the tall building left of the Pokemon Center. Go to the third floor and look for a man near the globe.

24) Cerulean City

Pokemon! Suicune is easy to find, as long as you’ve seen it along route 14. From Cerulean City head up route 25 near Bill’s House to find it waiting.
Pokemon! Head east onto route 9 and surf to the power plant. Talk to the guy near the computer and he’ll trade his Magneton and Metal Coat for a Dugtrio.
Pokemon! Once you’ve got the Earth Badge, head to the Power Plant to find Zapdos.

25) Saffron City

Pokemon! Defeat Red at Mt. Silver and head to Silph. Co to speak to Steven – he’ll give you a choice of three Hoenn starter Pokemon.
Pokemon! Get Steven to return to Siph. Co by talking to him in the Museum in Pewter. He’ll trade you a Bedlum and Dawn Stone in exchange for a Forretress.

26) Fuschia City

Item! A juggler near the park will trade you EV berries for shards – handy for the more dedicated trainer.

27) Cinnabar Island

Pokemon! Once you have the Earth Badge, head out from Cinnabar on route 20 to Seafoam Island. Articuno is on the bottom.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our Gym and Boss Battle Guide

April 1, 2010