Games of Thrones' Sophie Turner talks about Sansa becoming 'Queen of the North' in season 7

Game of Thrones season 7 (opens in new tab) might still be a little way off, but some of the cast are speaking, very, carefully about what we could expect. Such as Sophie Turner talking about her character, Sansa, and Jon Snow's partnership. Or potential lack of it. 

Talking to The Wrap (opens in new tab) about how she sees Sansa and Snow getting on in the new season Turner says, "I, personally, as Sophie, think they would be a perfect sort of collaboration because he’s the military man and she’s the politician. Together they’re quite a strong team as long as they listen to each other, and that’s their problem; they don’t quite work well together yet. But, on paper, it’s perfect."

However, the way she talks about the pair, the fact that they 'don't quite work together' could be a bit more of an issue than just the odd huffy stomp out of the throne room. "I think she probably would like to be Queen of the North on her own," says Turner, "or again she probably just wants Jon to listen to her. If Jon had listened to her in the beginning then she would be very happy collaborating with him, so it’s just a bit frustrating."

While that's no confirmation of anything, it certainly sounds like Turner has had... thoughts about her character's motivation. We'll just have to wait until summer next year to see how it actually plays out. 

Game of Thrones season 7 will debut in summer 2017.

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