The games Obama should play

Barack Obama was fairly vocal about videogamesduring his campaign, frequently stating it was perhaps time parents got their kids to put their consoles away.While his attitude on the medium might currently be a little dismissive, this is still someone who playedPonggrowing up.

And we feel, with a little more information and the rightgames, Obama could appreciate the life lessons and worthy qualities videogames can instil in people. That's why we've put together the following list oftitles that we reckoncould teach the President-elect a few things about games and give him renewed appreciation for them.


If the future leader of the free world questions the creative and social value of videogames, then he should be politely guided towards a PS3 and sat down in front of Media Molecule’s masterpiece. Inspiring creativity, encouraging imaginative thought and bringing gamers together to build something rather than destroy it, LBP shows that games can nurture people’s desire to come together and share great ideas.

We heard this whole new fangled democracy thing had something to do with cooperation and unity and there’s no better game for developing these ideas than the one with the sack boy on the cover. Overcoming obstacles together and sharing ideas is surely what Obama's government will have to do if they hope to succeed. Although we wouldn’t give LBP to him for long. After all, you don’t want the president missing UN summits because he’s trying to make a working flying car for his cotton man.

Metal Gear Solid series

Considering the future president is following an administration that will go down in history as one of the US’ most warmongering, Metal Gear’s messages of the futility of war and nuclear disarmament have rarely been so pertinent. In a time of unjust and unconsidered invasions the Gear has stood resolutely anti-war.

Granted, Kojima’s cries for peace may be drowned out in a sea of flabby dialogue, scantily clad women and fights with decrepit snipers/one-handed cowboys/giant robots. But look past snapping necks, slitting throats and disturbing pelvic thrusts and you have a game that encourages peace, thought and unity. Messages that will be paramount if Barack’s administration is to heal the current rift between America and much of the world.

David Meikleham
Google AMP Stories Editor

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