The Fortnite Birthday celebration ends Tuesday, get in and complete your challenges now

Celebrate Fortnite's first birthday with a special in-game event

Fortnite's birthday celebration is almost over, and you only have a little bit longer to complete the challenges and collect your limited-time rewards. That also means the Battle Bus will stop playing that catchy "Happy Birthday to You" remix, which may be good or bad news depending on how tired you are of hearing it.

Update: Epic has confirmed that the birthday event will end at 3 am EDT on Tuesday, which is 6 am PDT or Monday at 10 pm BST.

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As established at the outset, there are three actual challenges and a single meta-goal, only one of which you'll have to go out of your way to accomplish. Make sure you check out our Fortnite birthday cake locations guide to get that particular challenge knocked out ASAP. 

  • Play 14 matches - 5,000 XP reward
  • Deal 1,000 damage to opponents - Fortnite birthday emoticon reward
  • Dance in front of 10 different birthday cakes - Happy Birthday spray reward

Complete all three challenges and you'll get a Birthday Cake Back Bling for your collective efforts. It's literally a birthday cake you wear strapped to your back, complete with lit candles. Seems like a good way to simultaneously get your back all sticky and light your hair on fire, but Fortnite players have always liked to live dangerously.

If you're a Fortnite: Save the World player, you only have a little bit more time to complete the Fortnite Birthday questline and unlock your Birthday Brigade Ramirez Hero as well. And don't forget those Birthday Llamas you can buy now are a good way to catch up on any of the Heroes and weapons you may have missed from previous events this year.

Check out our guide to Fortnite road trip challenges to keep unlocking all your rewards. 

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