The Forspoken DLC sounds amazing, actually, and it's out in May

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I actually quite liked Forspoken (even if our Forspoken review wasn't exactly glowing). Once it actually let you through its interminable first act, its spell-slinging, cliff-scaling gameplay made for a genuinely entertaining way to interact with an open-world which, while pretty sparsely-occupied, at least attempted to let you explore in ways that felt impactful. So while I might be in the minority, I'm actually pretty excited for its DLC, which sounds like it really dials up the chaos of those fights.

This is the first time Square Enix and Luminous have revealed any concrete information about the DLC since revealing its name, In Tanta We Trust. Positioned as a prequel, the expansion is set 25 years before the events of Forspoken, during a time referred to in-game as the Purge of the Rheddig.

We don't know much about that, beyond the fact that it was the climax of a massive conflict between the characters you meet in Forspoken and the people they were at war with. There is, however, an in-game depiction of the Purge - the painting in the image above - which sees the titular Tantas fighting in the midst of a huge army, soldiers breaking against each other like the undulating waves of a tempestuous sea.

Those hordes of soldiers, combined with the official description of the DLC, suggest Luminous is really leaning into the combat. Frey will be granted new abilities, as well as the chance to "unlock new combat strategies and coordinate devastating attack combos." With what sounds like massive crows of opponents and Frey's potent powers, In Tanta We Trust sounds a little like a musou-style spin on Forspoken, something in the style of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

The Forspoken DLC is set to release on May 26, and will likely mark the end of Forspoken's tempestuous journey. The game's dialogue was not particularly well-received, and while there's no such thing as bad publicity, the response to Forspoken's demo probably wasn't what Square Enix was hoping for. "Lacklustre" sales on the back of a budget in excess of $100 million are thought to have been factors in the ousting of Square Enix's president earlier this month, as well as its developers absorption back into its parent company. 

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