The Force Unleashed gets comic & novel adaptation

Proving you don't need to make more Star Wars movies to keep the merchandising vehicle moving, Titan Books has confirmed that The Force Unleashed will receive both an official novelisation and comic book adaptation in the next couple of months.

From August 22, Star Wars fans - or anyone, for that matter - will be able to buy a graphic novel or a hardback book chronicling the story of Darth Vader's secret apprentice.

Hopefully, we'll also get to see exactly how a skin-head has the power to cause a Star Destroyer to crash whilst Yoda can't even walk across a room without using a walking stick.

The Forced Unleashed books(and other merchandise) will be availablehere.Meanwhile, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - the game - is currently dated for September 19.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 16, 2008