The Force is overrated: FACT!

Which Wars?
The Empire Strikes Back

Yes, yes, he’s getting on a bit. But really, just watch as he lifts the X-Wing from the swamp. It’s a right old strain on him. All wheezing and miserable. And he’s supposed to be at the top of the tree Jedi-wise.

Also check out Yoda balancing on Luke’s feet. You don’t need Force powers to do that, just ask anyone unfortunate enough to have suffered through a performance of Cirque de Soleil. And when Luke gets distracted by his sinking X-Wing Yoda goes arse-over-tit. So he can lift an X-Wing off the ground with his mind but he can’t hover?

Judgment on The Force: Too inconsistent

Which Wars?
A New Hope

The climax of the first (fourth) movie. All the other Rebel pilots have been twatted by the Empire and it’s all down to lady-boy Luke. So what happens, Obi-Wan starts twittering in his head so he disconnects the targeting computer and concentrates. Ka-blammo! He hits the mark so it’s straight off home for galactic tea and space cakes. But hang on. Didn’t Luke say in the pre-attack meeting that it couldn’t be that hard as he used to nail whomp rats on his t-16 back home and according to him, they’re not much bigger than two meters. So does that mean he could of done it without The Force? Certainly sounds like it.

Judgment on The Force: Not even needed

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